Who is the Ad Agency Behind Geico's Success?

Martin Agency and GEICO have been credited with revolutionizing the insurance advertising industry since the early 1990s, inspiring a wave of imitators. But what makes a Geico ad a Geico ad? Martin Agency's four-second Uninstallable campaign for Geico won one of two Grand Prix in Film, poking fun at pre-roll ads on YouTube and other platforms. Adbrands Account Assignments tracks account management for the world's top brands and companies, including details of which advertising agency manages which accounts in which countries for major markets. The Martin Agency, a full-service Richmond ad agency, has been Geico's registered agency since 1994. We are in awe of the sheer volume of publicity and the variety of different concepts that The Martin Agency continues to produce for Geico. But how do they decide which ads will be the most successful from their library of great ads? It starts with Geico and The Martin Agency each selecting 20 semifinalists.

The Martin Agency has long been known for its comically absurd campaigns for insurance company Geico.

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