How Advertising Agencies Work: An Expert's Guide

Advertising agencies are responsible for designing campaigns that meet the needs, objectives and target audience of their clients. They manage every step before and after a campaign is launched, from drafting ad copy and configuring the campaign to ad placement, ad formats and conversion tracking. In general, advertising agencies have four main functions: media planning, customer service, account planning and creative department. The creative department plans ways to convey the message about the product to consumers, while the customer service department works as a marketing consultant for the customer.

They provide strategies to the customer on how to drive brand positioning. Advertising agencies can help businesses in a number of ways, such as developing and executing a marketing campaign that reaches your target audience, helping you develop a website and social media strategy, and providing creative services to bring your ads to life. Political campaigns often hire advertising agencies to create ads and convey their message to the public. The best digital advertising agencies help businesses implement the marketing strategy they have developed for small businesses.

The top five advertising agencies in the world are WWP, Omnicom Group, Publicis Group, Interpublic Group and Dentsu. When selecting an advertising agency, make sure they know the specific realities of markets and industries across the country and can make decisions that take these realities into account. Additionally, they should receive 13% of the campaign cost if it is successful, and 13% plus a warning if it is weak.

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