What Does an Advertising Agency Do?

An advertising agency is like a tailor, creating ads, planning how, when and where they should be delivered, and delivering them to the customer. These agencies don't depend on any organization and do their best to sell the product to customers. A company can hire an advertising agency for the long or short term to help it develop its business and brand. No matter the duration of the project, advertising agencies usually help on a contract basis.

As part of their duties, agencies work with their current contracts and, at the same time, look for new contracts and clients. A creative agency is a company that offers innovative strategies and marketing initiatives to help brands achieve their goals. Their specialties are generally advertising services, design and technology. Advertising agencies rely on years of experience and the results of marketing research when buying ads in traditional and digital media.

During the implementation step, the advertising agency focuses on delivering ads to consumers and finalizing their contract. The hit TV show, Mad Men, gave audiences an insight into how advertising agencies launch advertising campaigns. CopyPress also offers an e-book to start learning about the content marketing pyramid, which you can download and browse for free. Finally, if you use a traditional advertising agency or a media buying agency, they may charge you a percentage of the media fees.

Depending on the situation, an advertising agency may change the order of the submission and evaluation steps. The top five advertising agencies in the world are WWP, Omnicom Group, Publicis Group, Interpublic Group and Dentsu, according to World Atlas. As with other types of advertising agency services, design is usually not a field in which the average company can successfully navigate on its own. But beyond this brief definition of a creative agency, the way full-service creative agencies provide their services can vary. When a company wants an advertising agency to help strategize and execute their marketing campaigns, there can be a cost of onboarding. That's why they'll look for a creative and media agency, an agency that can generate ideas for them and oversee the launch of a media campaign.

Alternatively, you can use a full-service agency that can help you with radio ads and other advertising if you need.

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