Is Google an Advertising Company?

Google is a huge company that does a lot of things. It offers you email, a great search engine, a fantastic Maps application, and lots of cloud storage, all for free. But the truth is that Google is an advertising company at its core. Ads appear on Google Home devices, and advertisers pay Google to suggest their pages to users.

They also compete for the top spot in the search results list. Television programs are canceled if they can't find and maintain an audience that advertisers want to reach. Pay-per-click (PPC) is a way for Google to turn its global audience into a commodity for advertisers. Advertisers use Google AdWords to identify the keywords they want to associate with in search results and bid for their ads to appear at the top of the page.

When users interact with an ad, either to call a business or to visit the site, the advertiser is charged. Video inventory is also available for advertisers to buy programmatically at scale with data. Publishers or app creators can use Google platforms, such as AdSense, Google Ad Manager or AdMob, to offer advertising space for sale to advertisers. Google Ad Manager is an ad management platform for large publishers who have a significant amount of inventory that they sell directly to advertisers.

Approved publishers can enter their Google code on their websites or videos, and advertisers bid to appear in those auction advertising spaces. Investing in video ads on YouTube provides your audience with a rich advertising experience that allows you to better promote your business. Google advertising helps potential customers learn about your business, which can increase your chances of getting new leads and improving your sales. Even companies with tight budgets can find an effective Google marketing plan that fits their financial needs.

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