How Many Advertising Agencies Are in NYC?

There are more than 1200 advertising agencies in New York City. One of the most prominent is Gigante Vaz Partners, a branding, advertising and media agency founded in 1989. It currently employs a team of 29 staff members and offers services such as advertising, branding, media planning and purchasing, social media marketing, video production and web design. Most of its customers are companies or medium-sized businesses. SGK is another global packaging and brand expertise company with offices in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich and Chennai, India.

Founded in 1953, it has more than 5,800 employees and provides content marketing, branding, email marketing, event planning and packaging design services. It caters to midmarket and other size companies in the consumer products and retail, financial and medical services industries. Ninja Promo is a leading New York-based digital marketing and content production agency with offices around the world. It specializes in driving all aspects of SMM strategies by establishing disruptive techniques through exceptional content production, effective management community, paid social advertising, influencer marketing and more.

It's an award-winning SEO company that helps businesses improve their online presence in search and social media to acquire new customers, generate revenue and build their online brand. Growth Marketing Pro is another New York-based company founded 4 years ago by Hailey and Mark. It has become the largest growth marketing blog on the Internet. Bandujo Advertising+ Design is a marketing company that helps with brand, website and content development, print, television and radio advertising, as well as email, video, digital and direct platforms for wide reach.

It also deals with social networks both well-known and emerging. Bandujo has managed campaigns for JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, the New York City Department of Health and many more. An international advertising agency that specializes in marketing hard-to-explain services and products that require scrutiny before purchasing is also based in New York City. Advertising agencies offer services that can increase a startup's market awareness and customer retention.

The Creative Ham's list of advertising agencies can be used to discover great creative advertising agencies you didn't know existed. It's important for brands and advertising agencies to work together to create honest advertising campaigns and establish strict compliance and quality assurance processes. A full-service advertising agency that focuses on marketing strategies related to hiring talent and cultivating employee brand and EVP is also available in New York City. In the event that false claims are made in advertisements, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) typically investigates both the brand and the advertising agency.

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